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Please check back! We're filling in the dates as they become available. If you're interested in a particular class, please drop us an email so that we can help you as soon as possible!


Please Note: Any of these classes can be repeated until you and your dog are both competent and confident in your skills. Moving on to the next level always requires instructor approval.


Competitive Agility Footwork (C.A.F.)   6 weeks, 1 hour, $75 (Coming VERY soon!! Let us know if you want to join us!)

Tired of running “like a girl”? Or thinking you need oxygen at the end of a run? Or sending your dog off course with unintentional arm flailings? Or heard a “pop” and then felt the hurt? You’re not alone! Join us to help bring out the athlete in all of us! This class will be without dogs, just concentrating on the handler side of agility. After all, we are half the team, and how much time do we spend practicing our skills? We’ll improve balance, speed, coordination, strength, learn agility-appropriate stretches, do some fancy footwork drills, and have a lot of fun together! No, this isn’t bootcamp or a weight-lifting class. All ages and fitness level handlers are encouraged to come. Prereq: none

What is Agility?   4 weeks, 1 hour, $60 

Get your dog introduced to the basics of agility obstacle performance. A great way to see if agility is for you! Can be repeated as often as you like, but if you’d like to advance, you’ll have to move to the Foundations 1 class. The teeter will not be used in this class for the safety of your dog.  Prereq: none

                Fridays 6:45 – 7:45 p.m.:  Register now! Classes starting April, 2009

                Fridays 8:00 - 9:00 p.m.:  Register now! Classes starting April, 2009


Run A Course!     3 weeks, 1 hour, $45


We get together on Saturday mornings for this class. We set up a full course each week, break it down into sequences, and then run it as a whole. This class offers help and instruction where needed, but it is intended for the handler/dog team who are either advanced enough to be competing or are comfortable skipping a piece of equipment that they are not yet proficient on. This is not the appropriate class to be training for the individual obstacles.


Foundations 1   4 weeks, 75 minutes, $95

Build a solid agility foundation with your dog by working on attention, confidence builders, coordination builders, balance work, some play and drive, and introduction to some agility equipment. Once completed, move ahead to Foundations 2.  Prereq: none

                Schedule tbd


Foundations 2   4 weeks, 75 minutes, $95

Continue to build on agility basics, equipment introduction, balance work, target work, ground work.  Prereq: completion of Foundations 1

                    Schedule tbd


Beginner 1          4 weeks, 1 hour, $80

We’ve built our foundation, and now we’re moving up! Continue to practice the ground work and learn more agility equipment.  Prereq: competent & confident on all Foundations 1 & 2 course materials

                Schedule tbd

Beginner 2          4 weeks, 1 hour, $80     

Continue to build up on your agility basics and equipment performance. Start sequences. Become proficient at some of the agility obstacles. Prereq: competent and confident on all Beginner 1 exercises; reliable contact performance; wait and respond to a release cue

              Schedule tbd

Intermediate 1   5 weeks, 1 hour, $100    

More ground work and equipment practice, raise teeter to full height, medium sequences, increased distractions, increase to 12 weave poles. Prereq: respond to recall; weave entrances RTC*; up & over teeter on lowest setting

             Schedule tbd

Intermediate 2   5 weeks, 1 hour, $100    

Continue ground work and equipment practice, raise dog walk to full height, increase distance work, longer sequences. Prereq: 6 independent weaves

               Schedule tbd

Advanced 1        5 weeks, 1 hour, $80

Perfect the individual obstacles, increase handling challenges, memorize sequences, rules familiarization.  Prereq: reliable off-lead; teeter independently; accuracy on independent contact performance; 6 independent weaves RTC*, 12 independent weaves

               Schedule tbd

Advanced 2        5 weeks, 1 hour, $80    

Continue  with skills and sequences, how to read a course diagram, how to walk a course, continue with rules familiarization. Prereq: 12 independent weaves RTC*          

               Schedule tbd                                       

Competitive Handling   5 weeks, 1 hour, $80    

Learn and practice how to strategize a course, how to memorize a course.  Prereq: proficient at all equipment and all ground work

               Schedule tbd


*RTC indicates “around the clock”




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