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These were for the Fall of 2007. We've left them posted here, because we might start a few back up if there's interest or need for them. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to try one of these!


Please Note: These workshops are offered for our continuing students (who are not starting at the Foundation level) as a way to polish up some skills. They will not necessarily be offered again past the end of the Fall 2007 session. The number of weeks in a session is noted for each workshop. Each class is one hour long unless noted otherwise.




Clicker Workshop    Mandatory for returning students!!  Offered One Time Only!!  Saturday, October 13 (all day) & Sunday, October 14 (a.m. only)      

Brace yourself for this as you're sure to be blown away! We're bringing in Maureen "Moe" Strenfel to lead this workshop, teaching us how to communicate more clearly with our dogs, improve our timing and training techniques, and show our dogs how exciting learning can be! This workshop is required of all our continuing students. $65  Prereq: none


               Saturday 10/13 (8:00 a.m. noon with no dogs) and (1:30 4:30 with dogs)

AND       Sunday 10/14 (8:00 11:30 a.m. with dogs)


Makeup for Clicker Workshop    3 nights in 1 week

For those agility handlers who needed to attend Moe's workshop but were not able to, they will be required to take this makeup workshop before proceeding with more agility classes.  $100       5-1/4 hours Prereq: none

10/15 (6:30 8:30 p.m.) and 10/16 (7:45 9:30 p.m.) and 10/18 (6:15 7:45 p.m.)

10/15 is with no dogs. 10/16 and 10/18 are with dogs.


Focus/Foundation Workshop    Mandatory for returning students!!      $50   4 weeks    

Another required workshop for our returning students. In this workshop, you will learn some new skills to add to your toolbox: focus, teamwork, coordination exercises, groundwork, play, building motivation.  Prereq: Clicker Workshop

               Wednesdays 6:30 7:30 p.m.: 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7

OR          Thursdays 8:00 9:00 p.m.: 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8


Teeter 1    $40   3 weeks

For the dog who is not confident or proficient at the teeter. You will prepare the dogs to relearn the teeter by working on balance and coordination issues. Prereq: Focus Workshop

               Tuesdays 8:00 9:00 p.m.: 12/11, 12/18, 1/1/08 (No class 12/25)


Teeter 2    $40   3 weeks

Re-introduce the teeter to the dog once he is confident in the Teeter 1 exercises. Prereq: Teeter 1

          Coming in 2008


Contacts 1     $40   3 weeks     

Does your dog exhibit accuracy on the contacts? Does he climb and proceed quickly to the bottom, wait with two feet on the grass and two feet on the board for your release cue, and then exit quickly once you've given the release? If not, this is the class for you! This workshop will provide your dog with a clear understanding of the "bottom" or "touch" command and the release cue.  Prereq: Focus Workshop

               Thursdays 8:00 9:00 p.m.: 11/15, 11/29, 12/6 (no class on 11/22)


Contacts 2     $40   3 weeks     

So your dog has the "bottom", but you have to be standing right next to him to enforce it? You can't reposition yourself while he waits? You have to run the obstacle with him? Join us to learn how to enjoy independent contact performance. Prereq: Contacts 1

               Thursdays 8:00 9:00 p.m.: 12/13, 12/20, 1/3/08 (No class 12/27)


Weave workshop    $30   4 weeks       

Who doesn't want faster, more accurate, more independent weaves? We'll spend 30 minutes each session improving our weaves. Prereq: none

               Thursdays 7:15 7:45 p.m.: 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15


Recall workshop      $25   3 weeks       

Does your dog stay with you when he's off leash? If you stop running and call him, will he return quickly and directly to you? Or is there something to smell first, someone to visit, an "I'll be right with you" attitude? Well, that won't work in agility! Improve his off leash coming when called. Each class is 30 minutes long.   Prereq: Clicker Workshop

            Tuesdays 8:00 8:30 p.m.: 11/13, 11/27, 12/4 (No class 11/20)

OR          Thursdays 7:30 8:00 p.m.: 12/13, 12/20, 1/3/08 (No class 12/27)


Play for Drive workshop     $15    2 weeks        

Is your dog as excited to play with you and a toy as he is about getting a food treat?  Toys will play an important role in our revised curriculum, so you may need to find what makes his clock tick and find out how you can use it to your advantage in agility. (No, we're not just talking about "tug" here.) Join us for two 30 minute sessions.                Prereq: Clicker Workshop

                Tuesdays 8:30 9:00 p.m.: 11/13, 11/27 (No class 11/20)

OR          Thursdays 7:30 8:00 p.m.: 11/29, 12/6


Jump Drills     We'll add jumping drills and other workshops after Moe's clinic. Let us know what you want!

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